CMS (Common Management System)

The CMS solution, known as the Common Management System (CMS), is a CSU system-wide application solution which mandates that all 23 campuses implement CMS HR, Finance and Campus Solutions (formerly known as Student Administration). The mission of the CSU's CMS solution is to provide efficient, effective, and high quality service to students, faculty and staff. CMS is an Oracle/PeopleSoft software application, fully web-based, running on common hardware shared by all CSU's. The CMS system has been under active and continuous development since 1999. The first module developed was Human Resources, followed by Financials and Student Administration. The first campus began using the entire CMS system (Financials, Human Resources, and Student Administration) in 2002. The system is now being used by all campuses.

Cal State L.A. was a pioneer in the use of PeopleSoft software. Our campus acquired PeopleSoft in the mid-1990's as the basis for our Golden Eagle Territory (GET) system for student administration. Our success with this software helped influence the decision by the Chancellor's Office to use PeopleSoft throughout the CSU.